Tuesday, January 11, 2011

week two!

So, week one FLEW by! As with most first weeks at a new job, it was a bit overwhelming but each day I was eager to come in.
By the end of the week I could tell you about 20 scientific names, can tell you the family a fish is in based on the body shape, and can identify Acropora, Turbinaria, and Fungia coral. Not bad for only four days!

Week two started like week one, going through the photos. But due to the lack of ways to identify the coral in the photos, I have but that aside for now and moved onto the videos. [Even though I started the videos last week I though I may have magically learned all the coral over the weekend so I'd try to ID the photos...not quite the case]. In the videos, I am watching them (and feeling quite jealous as it is cold here and people are all wearing shorties in the videos), describing notes of interest (such as ground cover, fish, fish activity, health of coral, etc), and giving a location. Not too hard just time consuming. It is really helping me learn the fish quickly though.
I also spend a good deal of yesterday (Monday) exploring our animal part of the lab. I though we only had cichlids and corals: boy was I wrong! In each of the coral holders is an animal: one has the cutest little surgeonfish, one has a clownfish/ his anemone, and the last has a mantis shrimp! There are also some other fish in a side tank that I cannot identify yet. If I am allowed, I will put up photos asap!

We also had our first lab meeting and 1) I really like our group. Everyone seems really passionate about what they are doing. and 2) I was named the chair of the party planning committee. I have no idea what that means but I am excited and will make sure the Kaufman lab is a sociable lab!

Today I am getting a late start and am about to start video editing. The sky is dark grey so I think I may have an early day (since yesterday was and 8-5 day) and try to beat out the storm!

If anyone is interested in the Phoenix Islands, I have a link here. Enjoy!

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