Saturday, January 1, 2011

Silence before the Joyride

Okay, so I promised people that I would make a blog about my co-op with Les Kaufman and my Three Seas program, so here I am! I will also be posting about the aquarium, since there is no such thing as a calm day there and there are always fantastic stories (anaconda birth anyone?).

My new years resolution is actually to keep this updated, lets hope it sticks! Right nowI don't have much to say since I start back at the aquarium tomorrow and start with Les on Monday. So exciting! I have no idea what to expect or what I'll be doing, but aren't those the most fun situations? They may not be super exciting to blog about but hopefully you'll enjoy some of them and feel free to leave comments (actually I love comments).

I am wishing everyone the happiest 2011that is full of laughs and love!

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