Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, today I had a feat, I won't lie. As you all know, I have been working on my PIPA image mastery list for about two weeks now (Well this is halfway through my third...), and I finally got one of the two booklets completed!
Why is this so great do you ask? Well, on day one I was given about 1000 photos to do something with. period. Just that, no explanation as to what they were, what Les wanted with them, a due date, nothing.
So, after looking through a few photos, I decided to split the photos up into further sub folders to organize them (the folders being NAI'A, terrestrial, coral, and fishes). I then made an Excel spread sheet that said the file name of each photo, the original location of the hard drive, and described the photo. NAI'A was easy, as was terrestrial. However, I had to give the scientific name of fishes and I barely knew the common name (thank you to my cousins, Sam and Ariane, for both of the ID books!).
Well, today I placed the mastery list for fishes, terrestrial, and NAI'A in a booklet, typed up a cover page and into, as well as made a chart of every scientific name used and the common name. It may not sound like much...but it is!
Here it is!

The coral booklet has about 500 files in it and I need to wait till Les and Randi get back to finish IDing the corals. Without seeing the corals that is a very tough endevure.

BUT, that is another day! And now I am going to celebrate! I found Narnia for $4 and Bridgette Jones for $5 at a used DVD store and am going to have a mini marathon of this rainy January (oxymoron?) day.

Best to all!!


  1. Wow sweetheart--FANTASTIC! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go--I can't wait to hear their reactions to your initiative! xoxo

  2. oh, one more thing. endeavor. for the next post.