Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shot in the dark...

SO week two is over (wow) and it's been a really productive week for being in for only three days (thank you massive blizzard)!
I finished the still images project and called in Les to help me ID a few coral I didn't do...looks like my random, I mean educated guessing, or the types of coral was a bit more off than I though. I got the difficult ones but I mixed up my acroporas and pavonas and such (yeahhhh.....) But Les really likes what I am doing so he and I are going to sit down and really go over the photos so that 1) he knows what data is available 2)he can check my coral ID 3) we can flag photos that show interesting growth rate. I am not sure if I can put photos up from the data but, since they are recovering from the massive bleaching, there is a lot of really interesting data. You can see the healthy coral fighting with the dead, bleached coral and the results are some really interesting patterns.
Oh I have also officially learned a lot of scientific names of the fish, which makes me feel like a massive geek, but accomplished at the same time.

Some Acropora coral in the Phoenix Islands. (You can tell its Acropora by the type of branches and that it is lifted off the ground)

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